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10 Reasons to Hire a Nanny vs Daycare

Advantage of Hiring a Nanny vs. a Daycare for your Children

Benefits of Hiring a Nanny:
1. Caring for your children in a personal manner in your home
2. Nannies are convenient because you and your partner can rush out the door for work or for outings with short notice
3. Kids get to take their naps in their own bed
4. Kids get one on one attention with their feeding, dressing,  and playing and talking with them.
5. You and your children get to personally know your nanny as a person, creating a bond and trust
6. Your nanny’s agency does a background check for you
7. Nanny’s can be cheaper than daycare, especially if you have more then one child as you are paying an hourly rate, not a fixed rate per child.
8. You have a sense of security knowing your child is safe at home in the care of someone that has been become a part of your family.
9. Your children are not exposed to multiple illnesses from other children.
10. If your child gets sick, he stays in the comfort of his own home.