About Us

Our Founder

Nancy Carlisle, Founder

Professional Nanny Services (PNS) is locally owned and operated by Nancy Carlisle, who also owns Quality Care Services, Inc , a full service in-home care company. Nancy has many years of service providing the elderly and those with disabilities with caregivers.  With PNS you are provided  the same skills and techniques for interviewing applicants, checking references and doing background checks as Nancy has been providing for the quality care of  her elderly and disabled clients.

Our Child Care Coordinators

Our Child Care Coordinators match families with qualified Nannies. Professional Nanny Source works with families needing Nanny Services in Houston, Katy, Baytown, Spring, Conroe, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Beaumont (all of Southeast Texas). We are  proud to offer our Nanny placement services to your family.

It will bring you peace of mind to know that safe, reliable child care is only a phone call away. The Professional Nanny Source can match you with full-time, part-time, summer or temporary nannies and even an occasional sitter for a “night out”.

Referral Staff Includes:

  • Full and Part-time Nannies
  • Temporary Nannies
  • Day and evening sitters
  • Sick child caregivers
  • House and Pet sitters
  • Party Helpers

Professional Nanny Source functions primarily as a matching service, finding the right nanny for your particular needs. To accomplish this, the experts at The Professional Nanny Source evaluate prospective candidates for you. Nannies are selected to fit the needs of both child and parents, augmenting rather than replacing the parental relationship. Through our careful screening process, nannies are chosen for their common sense and good judgement, patience, warmth, stamina, and energy. Additionally, our nannies are selected based on their ability to stimulate and enrich a child through the use of toys, books, games, outdoor activities, meals and rest times. You may also expect your nanny to perform light housework, especially those chores that pertain to children.

Working with The Professional Nanny Source is the most expeditious way to obtain quality nanny candidates. We have a professional commitment to provide your child with secure care. We also have the practical goal of saving you, the parents, the time and energy it takes to find a qualified nanny.

The Professional Nanny Source takes pride in the careful screening of all nannies. This involved process always begins with an interview. Candidates are then further scrutinized through personal and employment reference checks, and health reviews. All nannies employed with the Professional Nanny Source are verified U.S. citizens or legally employable persons. Finally, The Professional Nanny Source requires our full-time, permanent placement nannies to obtain both first aid and CPR certifications, all for the protection of your child.

The Professional Nanny Source provides both live-in and live-out childcare in your own home. This care is available for meeting both full and part-time needs. All permanent placement contracts with The Professional Nanny Source, whether live- in or live-out, include a 90 day unconditional guarantee. If for any reason things don’t work out to your satisfaction, The Professional Nanny Source will replace your nanny once free of charge .

The Professional Nanny Source runs on a foundation of sound procedures, high principles, and a genuine caring for children.

Having a Nanny enables you, the parents, to actively pursue your interests and goals while providing the safe, stable, and nurturing environment necessary for your child’s proper development. We know your Nanny will be a great help in all activities associated with the care of your children.